Thank you for visiting the official website of the Genesee Valley Flint Knappers Association (GVFKA).  Incorporated in 1994 and based in the beautiful Genesee River Valley of Western New York, the GVFKA is an association of individuals who share a passion for primitive skills.  While many of the members of the GVFKA are flintknappers, craftsmen who create stone tools such as arrowheads, spearpoints, knives, or other projectile points, all who have an interest in the prehistory of New York and primitive skills are welcome to join.



    Click here to view an inspiring short video about flintknapping!


     Each year the GVFKA organizes multiple gatherings of primitive skills enthusiasts, the largest of which is the annual Stone Tool Craftsman Show held at Letchworth State Park in late August.  The event, also referred to as the New York Knap-In, draws hundreds of participants from across the US and Canada who demonstrate their skills, display and sell their work, and who offer raw materials and tools.  Visitors to the Stone Tool Craftsman Show can see flintknapping demonstrations and learn about a variety of other primitive skills that helped prehistoric cultures to survive. 

     GVFKA Board of Directors Announces Revised Format for Annual Flintknapping Competition at Stone Tool Craftsman Show